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Margaret Windeyer 1866-1939, JB Windeyer 
Margaret Windeyer                        
In the movement to improve the status of women at the end of the 19th century Margaret Windeyer was prominent, persuasive and active. Initially her influence was derived from her parents, Sir William Windeyer and his wife Mary, but while still young Margaret began making her own impression. She was present at the meeting that produced the Womanhood Suffrage League and on its Council; called the meeting from which the National Council of Women of NSW emerged; and was a Commissioner for NSW at the 1893 Columbian Exposition or World Fair at Chicago; and while there attended the Congress of Representative Women and the meeting of the International Council of Women. Although not a full biography this work covers those areas as well as her career as a librarian — she trained at Dewey’s library school in America and worked for many years in the Mitchell Library, Sydney — together with her moves to bring books to children and the bush. The author is a great-nephew of Margaret and a History graduate of Sydney and Oxford Universities. He draws on the large collection of material still in the family possession in addition to some now in the Mitchell Library. 


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