PROGRAM – Celebrate Being An Australian 2024

Celebrate Being An Australian 2024 Program

I am delighted to present to you today the “Celebrate Being An Australian” Awardees for 2024.

These chapters in their life’s journey reflect the lives of so many in our society. They see education as the opportunity to learn, upskill and improve the lives of others. The academics, family members and friends who have supported them, in so many ways, also deserve recognition and we in NCW NSW share their joy in this significant milestone.

The sponsor organisations and philanthropic individuals which fund the financial component of these awards should be very proud of their investment in the individual Awardees. No doubt it will benefit the Australian and international communities for many years to come.

It has been a pleasure to work with all of you over these last months.

‘Tricia Blombery

Convenor – NCW NSW ‘Celebrate Being an Australian’ for 2024

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